Roman Xing


Roman Xing is a Chinese actor has been acting for over 13 years. He graduated from New York Film Academy for master's degree in Acting for Film, also graduated form Communication University of China for bachelor's degree in Acting for Film, Television, and Theater. He has been training martial arts for his whole life.

Roman Xing is good at doing action, comedy, and drama projects. He acted in American feature films The Second Coming of Christ, Bloody Hands and so on, and American TV series Supreme Justice with Judge Karen, Adopted, etc. He also starred in Chinese feature films The Founding of a Republic, Dedication and so forth, and Chinese TV shows Royal Tramp, A Dream in Red Mansions and so on. Roman Xing is currently working as a professional actor in film and television industry in Hollywood.


Degree: MFA in Acting for Film at NYFA

              BFA in Acting at CUC

Location: Hollywood, CA

Willing to travel


Rift (2016)                                                  Role Name: A Hua

Immigrant Priest (2016)                             Role Name: Special Agent R Liang

Armenia, My Love... (2016)                       Role Name: Lee

Bloody Hands (2015)                                Role Name: Han Chou


Water (2015)                                             Role Name: Noah Yu

The Sex Trip (2015)                                  Role Name: Joe

The Second Coming of Christ (2014)       Role Name: Pvt Wang

Dedication (2010)                                     Role Name: Qin Zhizhuang (Lead)


Awards & Honors:

In the year 2013, this film was nominated by 19th Sedona International Film Festival, I attended it

in Sedona, Arizona, the United States.

In the year 2011, this film won the Special Jury Award in the 5th Filming East Festival which best performs the values of traditional Chinese medicine; and also the Golden Angel Award in the 7th Chinese American Film Festival, which represents the honor of Outstanding Chinese Culture Promoter.


Life as blade (2010)                                  Role Name: Suzuki


Roommates (2009)                                   Role Name: Shuai Shuai


The Founding of a Republic (2009)          Role Name: Xue Sheng


The Ring of Rainbow Flower (2007)         Role Name: Ma Da


Twelve moons (2006)                               Role Name: Business man Ling Wang

TV Show

2010 - present

2010 - present

Supreme Justice with Judge Karen (2015)     Role Name: Johnny Zhang

Adopted (2015)                                       Role Name: Neighbor

The Idiot Chun (2010)                                  Role Name: He Huan


A Dream in Red Mansions (2008)               Role Name: Sao Hong


Royal Tramp (2006)                                     Role Name:Yin Sumei


Awards & Honors:

In the casting for the role of Wei Xiaobao (youth) in the TV series Royal Tramp, I won the second place in the national finals.


The West Holy Land (2005)                          Role Name: Correspondent Min Zhang


Awards & Honors:

In the year 2007, this TV series won the Excellent Work Award of One of the Five Projects in the 10th construction of spiritual civilization of, as well as the First Prize in the 26th Feitian TV Award for long TV series.


Twenty Days (2015)                                   Role Name: Adolfo Scanga

The Owl and the Pussycat (2015)              Role Name: Felix Sherman


Waiting Room (2014)                                 Role Name: Isabella Park (Transgender)


Eye to Eye (2014)                                      Role Name: Alex Ouyang


Peer Gynt (2012)                                       Role Name: Peer Gynt


The Crucible (2012)                                   Role Name: Presiding Judge


Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny (2010)       Role Name: Prophet


Awards & Honors:

In the year 2011, this famous German play was revised and staged by Chinese director Sun Chenggang. It won six awards of the National Theater Culture Award, including the Excellent Experimental Drama Award, Excellent Director Golden Award, Group Performance Golden Award, Producer Golden Award, Original Music Silver Award and Best Organization Award.


Graduate, out of Order (2009)                     Role Name: Abulikim


The No.1 Restaurant in China (2009)          Role Name: Fu Zi


The Mousetrap (2009)                                 Role Name: Parravicini



Children’s Drama

Have you got the Sun (2007)                        Role Name: Teacher, Robber and so on


Director:Roman Xing (Me myself)



Short films

Ouroboros (2015)                                         Role Name: Joseph

Love Made Visible (2015)                            Role Name: Ryan Mang

To the Sun (2015)                                         Role Name: Krid Krongyuth

Permission (2014)                                        Role Name: Hua Zhang

Redemption (2014)                                      Role Name: Bruce

Escaping the Gang Life (2014)                    Role Name: Rod

A Shy Guy’s Chat-up (2013)                         Role Name: Johnny

Writer: Roman Xing (Me myself)


Gain or Lose (2013)                                      Role Name: Roman


And Then There Were None (2012)              Role Name: Joker


Roman Holiday (2010)                                  Role Name: Irving


The New Boy (2009)                                     Role Name: Cheng Min

Voice Over

Twilight's Chapter Seven (2010)                    Role Name: Seven (Villain, title character)


The Four Seasons Story (2010)                    Role Name: Xiao Kan (Main character)


Shumei Silk TV commercial (2014)               Spokes Person

Large-scale Tibetan Dance Performance

Dreams of God and Men (2009)                   Performed at Great Hall of the People


Musical Scene Prose Drama

The Tree in My Heart (2011)                          Role Name: Qian Hao


Awards & Honors:

In the year 2011, it won the National First Prize in “Moving Railway” All Staff Variety Performance. 

Original Script Creations

He or She (2014)                                          Short film


A Shy Guy’s Chat-up (2013)                         Short film


The Journey of Love (2011)                          Comedy opusculum


White Lies (2011)                                          Small-scale drama

Training & Workshops


Master Degree Program (MFA) (September 2013—January 2015)

Major: Acting for Film

New York Film Academy in Universal Studios, Los Angeles, The United States


Bachelor Degree Program (BFA) (September 2007—July 2011)

Major: Acting for Theater, Film, and Television

Department of Acting and Directing, School of Cinema and Television,Communication University of China, Beijing, China


Training Courses(September 2006—February 2007)

Major: Acting for Theater

Department of Acting, The Central Academy of Drama,Beijing, China

Other Interests

Art: vocal music, classical dancing, hip-hop, traditional Chinese opera,Chinese calligraphy,traditional Chinese painting,electronic organ,guitar,drum kit,bottle gourd silk,ocarina

water-color painting,charcoal drawing,cartoon drawing,playwriting etc.


Sports: table tennis,tennis,basketball ,football ,billiards ,Kong-fu,taekwondo,wrestling,exercises,swimming,skiing,skating,motorcycling,riding etc.